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1. Dr. Elly Twineyo-Kamugisha

Board Chairperson


Dr. Twineyo is a Trade/marketing and procurement specialist with over 20 years of experience in export research, export promotion, policy analysis and advocacy at the national and regional levels. He is an author and has written about 'Why Africa fails' and 'African Answers to African Challenges'.


2. Ms. Ovia Katiiti-Matovu



Ovia is an Economist and the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association.

Ovia has vast knowledge on and experience in trade issues and policies that influence trade as the Head of Secretariat of the Association in charge of office administration, fish processing value chain, promoting certification of food safety and quality assurance management programs in the fish industry, management and sustainability of fisheries resources, workers. She has gathered tremendous amounts of experience through her participation in both private sector/ public sector dialogue in developing sector strategies, national policies and regulations that promote the Export Sector.


3. Prof. Jassy Bagyendera-Kwesiga

Board Member


Prof. J. B Kwesiga is a well known political economy and Development expert. Also retired Professor from Makerere University, Prof Kwesiga is the founder of DENIVA from which he retired as Executive Director in 2011. He is a visionary academic who is also very practical in the fields of governance, of adult education and leadership.


4. Dr. Fr. Bonny Kyaligonza

Board Member


Dr. Bonny’s expertise in Community Development Work, poverty issues, a Lecturer of Development Studies at Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi and Vice Chancellor at Bunyoro Kitara University is greatly valued at ACTADE. His experience in working with diversities and keeping in close contact with the vulnerable communities is instrumental in informing ACTADE’s work and defining a more accurate course of action for the organization.

5. Dr. Najib Bateganya Lukooya

Board Member


Najib is an Environmental Management and WASH Specialist at Kampala Capital City Authority providing technical support to KCCA in Natural Resources and Environmental management aspects, Pollution Control, Sanitation, Water Supply and Sewerage Services, Solid Waste management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; and Addressing Environmental and Social Impacts of all Infrastructure development projects. He has also worked as a Lecturer at Makerere University-Kampala and IUIU-Mbale (Uganda) providing Teaching and Research Supervision services to undergraduate and graduate Students in the  areas of: Environmental Ecology, Environmental modeling, GIS and Remote sensing, Limnology (Fresh water Biology), Natural resources ecology and management, Wetlands ecology and Management, Ecosystem Services, fisheries biology, Aquatic ecosystem Management, Research and Data Management. ACTADE’s work in trade is largely influenced by both physical and socio-economic environmental factors.


6. Ms. Susan Nanduddu

Executive Director/ Board Secretary


Susan is a climate change expert, has over 10 years in poverty analysis, policy analysis, policy engagement and community mobilization and households. She has experience in good governance, sustainable transport and mainstreaming climate change adaptation in organizational plans and programs. She is part of the team that designs Uganda’s negotiation position on Adaptation to the annual Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), she renders support to National Civil Society advocacy efforts on climate change and currently she is acting as the Executive Director and member – Board of Directors to the African Centre for Trade and Development (ACTADE) and Legal Brains Trust.



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